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Sales Department

There is nothing automatic or simple in selling fork lift trucks: is strictly necessary to combine the right investment to the client' effective exigencies.

Very often the buyer has a confused projection of his real needs; in these times many complications,wrong advisings and burocracy make things very hard.

On our opinion only a few parameters really help:

  • Job site description
  • Average lenght* of continuative working (of the f.l.t**)
  • Summary indications about kind and quantity of the cargos
  • Effective capacity needed (of the f.l.t**)

*(in hours)
**=please read as "fork lift truck"

On these premises,it will be possible to create alternative offers both from the new than from the used fleet. Just contact us by phone, fax or e-mail. Financings and exchanges are also available.

We're actually reseller of: